A great ride to do in Rio

“Breakfast at Parque Lage!”

“Café da Manhã no Parque Lage”  

Parque Lage is a public park located at the botton of Corcovado, (mountain where “Christ The Redeemer” is located) in the Botanical Garden Street. The old sugar mill was bought by a British in the mid-nineteenth century, who hired in 1840, the English landscape artist John Tyndale to design a garden as Europeans.                                                                                            

The breakfast is simple but the scene is gorgeous so it´s worth going. The place is frequented by both locals and tourists and is next to the Botanical Garden, another must-see place I will show in another post.

It´s free to enter the Park and for the Café da Manhã e Chá da Tarde (Breakfast and afternoon tea) here goes some more information:                                                                        

Café da Manhã:

  • Saturday, Sundays and holidays from 9am to 1pm                                                    
  • Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm                                                                                                    

Chá da Tarde: Every day, from 3pm to 6pm. The tray goes up to R$16. The Parque Lage is also very popular for picnics. Don´t Miss it and Take Pictures!