Learn and Speak Portuguese online, anywhere and anytime with a native speaking teacher

Hello Portuguese was created for those who want to learn how to speak Brazilian Portuguese

Those who live, work, study, travel or for any other motive

We offer Skype Lessons, Video Lessons and/or a combination of both where the student has the chance to interact one on one with the teacher to put into practice everything they’re learning.

The lessons are customized and designed according to student’s main goal. We only work with expert native teachers who are bilingual educated with professional qualification and training. They’ve got the English and the Portuguese perspective while teaching what gives them a proper sense for teaching foreigners. While explaining to a student they are aware of the cultural-linguistic equivalences and differences between at least two languages (pt/en). This makes a great difference in terms of quality and speed in the language acquisition.

We also hold much more for our students because we do know what it takes for them to get at a proficient level. Therefore, we produce and offer a variety of different materials such as handouts, podcasts, transcripts and activities specifically designed to enrich and refine the students’ experience. Besides, it enables them to learn faster.

How does it work? It’s simple

You can schedule lessons at convenient times from anywhere. It only takes 4 steps:

1. Arrange your free trial

Book a trial class and a teacher will get in touch with you to schedule a time.

2. Have your trial class

Choose what course and/or numbers of skype lessons you wish.

3. Schedule more lessons

Schedule as many live lessons as you wish with your teacher and follow the calendar.

4. Pay using Paypal

Buy as many lessons/hours as you wish and pay using Paypal. It’s very simple and safe.

Brazilian immersive experience

A language immersion program is by far the fastest way to learn a foreign language. The student will get in touch with the Portuguese language that is spoken in everyday life.

In addition, the student benefits from being full time with an expert teacher who will speak with him, guide, motivate, correct, analyzes and gives the student all the necessary attention and provide him with tools for its best development from a variety of materials and interactions.

However the student can opt for a direction either informal or colloquial literary formal. The classes are customized and designed according to the purpose of the student in relation to the Portuguese.

Make a free learning plan all with risk free

Our teachers can create a personalized experience just for you!