We begin this article by discussing, briefly, the Portuguese language globally. This romance language is classified into Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese – also known as Lusitanian Portuguese. There are 9 countries that recognize Portuguese as their official language, and they belong to the CPLP - Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (PSCC). There are 250 million [...]

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Ten Things That I Hate About Brazil

It’s difficult to feel indifferent about Brazil. People either love it or hate it … or are in a very opinionated in between. I have oscillated from love to hate to bewilderment more times than I can count. As I start to feel the urge to look outward towards new adventures in new lands, I [...]

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Portuguese Discourse Markers

Olá alunos, This is for you who take portuguese lessons on skype but, sometimes, still forget some of the main greetings or functional vocabulary used on skype chat or during a call with your teacher. Ha! I got you right? Te peguei, né? :) Tudo bem. Sem problemas, vou lhes dar essa chance. As I'm concerned [...]

Learning Portuguese as a Second Language: Tips from ESPN Host Dalen Cuff.

Learning Portuguese as a second language, like learning any language, can be challenging. However, if one dedicates their time and efforts, and is guided by a gifted instructor, the task is not impossible. Portuguese is part of the Romance Language family tree, and speakers of either Spanish, French or Italian may comprehend some of it [...]

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Maracanã Stadium

Maracanã is located toward the east of Rio de Janeiro, about 5 kilometres from downtown Rio. It lies about 12 kilometres north of the Copacabana and Ipanema beach areas. The stadium can be easily accessed by metro and train. Maracanã station is a stop on metro line 2, which can be boarded in downtown Rio or [...]

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