Why on Skype?

We live in a world with no more geographic boundaries.

Moreover, Live Skype lessons happen to be way more effective and convenient than on-site. You can schedule lessons at convenient times from anywhere, anytime. Skype classes are for those who prefer or are only able to study online. Based on that, we have tailor-made lessons to tend to all kinds of students wherever they live. It’s very effective!

The lessons are customized and designed according to student’s main goal and catered to their learning style. We only work with expert native teachers who are bilingual educated with professional qualification and training. They’ve got both English and Portuguese perspectives while teaching which give them a proper sense for teaching foreigners.

We can help you if you are…

… traveling to Brazil
… working in or with Brazil
… in love with Brazilian culture
… starting a business in Portuguese
… studying for tests in Portuguese
… and more!

Some Advantages:

Convenient Schedule;
Speak live;
Lower total costs: save money, time, journey, etc;
Greater Access to expertise;
Best use of the latest technology;
More dynamic lessons: the teacher counts on more resources, programs, tools, and materials;
Improve your technical skills;
The Most Up-to-Date Content.

How on Skype?

Download skype

  1. Arrange your free trial (fill out the form);
  2. Be on time on skype and wait for your teacher to call you;
  3. Have your lesson, ask questions, talk about what you want to learn and let the teacher know how you need help.;
  4. Buy as many/few lessons as you want. Schedule them with your teacher and follow your calendar.

As low as $26.00 U.S. per hour
60-minute lesson
Hours never expire

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