Course Description

Who is this Course for?
The Course P2 is ideal for beginners who want to learn Portuguese faster with the main focus on speaking from the first moment. The students must be English speakers as the approach of this method in this first moment (BASIC) is used from the English-Portuguese language perspective. The reason is to facilitate any necessary grammar explanations, so the student can progress through shortcuts for the acquisition of the second language. Our teachers are aware of the cultural-linguistic equivalences and differences between at least two languages (pt/en).

P2 Course Brief

This course works in a combo where the student alternates between a video lesson and a live Skype lesson for practice. The student starts speaking from the very first lesson and benefits from being one on one with an expert teacher who will; speak, guide, motivate, correct, analyze and give the student all the necessary attention. The teacher provides the student with tools for its best development from a variety of materials and interactions, so they speak up everything they are learning. The method is first based on automation, meaning that the students automatize the use of lexical items and sentence patterns and structures – especially lexicalized grammar – so that they can concentrate their effort where it is needed most; in comprehending and communicating clearly. During the process, the teacher guides the student in each step: watch the lesson + do the homework + come to live skype lesson.  Students work all four skills:  speaking, listening, reading and writing. The material is key in the process. The method covers very important skills, especially for beginners. Students develop excellent listening and pronunciation in the language. The teacher sends the student extra activity on what he/she needs to work harder.  As a result of the speaking skills, students will be able to communicate in many situations in everyday life. Besides, students have the great opportunity for a personal development, a connection between neurological processes and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming).

Combo 1

  • 20 lessons (video + material included)
  • 4 reviews / assessments / certificate
  • Quizzes
  • 10hs Skype lessons

Total Price: U$380.00 

*sales price

There are other forms of payment (installments)

More Details


To provide students linguistic and communication forms for conversations with Brazilians where they will learn to speak and listen in a more natural way. By using strategic structures students will learn to express themselves colloquially as it’s generally used by Brazilians. They will learn how to use daily life essential verbs; so they can ask for what they want, tell what they need and express their wishes.  The aim is to equip students with the basic skills to interact with Brazilians more effectively. They create basic linguistic competencies for an interaction with meaning, practical and functional purposes for speaking, understanding, reading, and writing.

Brief Content – Vocabulary – Competences:

Introduction and greetings
Verbs termination (ar/er/ir); regular x basic irregular
Requesting and providing personal information and directions
Making invitations and questions
Useful expressions
Home, work, food, leisure, vocabulary (others)
Numbers / Family
Acknowledgments and Cultural insights reading
Expressing preferences, desires and doubts
Talking and asking about day-to-day activities
Talking and asking about present activities
Food / Restaurant language
Asking and telling the time

A ‘Certificate of Course Completion’ will be issued by Hello Portuguese on the completion of Course P2

The base is a mixture of audio-lingual key feature and the communicative approach. However,  today’s teachers must count on the post-method era along the way and as an extension. As the student makes progress we are up to date with the worldwide linguistic advances approved by the best expert linguists. They’ve got the English and the Portuguese perspective while teaching what gives them a proper sense for teaching foreigners. While explaining to a student they are aware of the cultural-linguistic equivalences and differences between at least two languages (pt/en). This makes a great difference in terms of quality and speed in the second language acquisition.

More specifications about the method

Personalized coaching
Students will be monitored by a personal coach throughout the entire course. Therefore, with the one on one mode, the student makes fast progress making the most of their learning experience.