Olá, alunos

This is for you who take portuguese lessons on skype but, sometimes, still forget some of the main greetings or functional vocabulary used on skype chat or during a call with your teacher. Ha! I got you right? Te peguei, né? 🙂

Tudo bem. Sem problemas, vou lhes dar essa chance. As I’m concerned with you all queridos alunos in getting the best out of it, I’ve made a small list of the main nouns, idioms, discourse markers and sentences we use on our lessons. The more we learn about it, the more we get practical, functional and dynamic. After all, they aren’t so simple once they belong to our virtual and technological eLearning world. So here are some Portuguese examples regarding main content used by students and teachers in their written and spoken dialogues.


Teacher Discourse Markers

Cohesive links (bounds) used between parts of the text as in the interpersonal level, keeping the speaker / listener interaction and assisting in the planning of speech. We all use them a lot in our own languages, but on a second language acquisition, it requires more attention when studying them. Your teacher and brazilian friends use them when speaking with you. Veja:

Certo? né? – right?

Tá? – right, ok?

Tá, tá bem – ok

Viu? percebe? tá vendo? – See?

Então, daí, aí – so, then..

Sabe.. – you know..

Entendeu? – got it?

É isso aí! – There you go!

Bem, bom – well

Pois é, Isso mesmo, é mesmo = agreeing with what´s been said “indeed”, “yeah”

Pois é (more) – That´s it, told you, see, “well, yeah”

Tipo assim, como – like

Ó! (olha) = look!

Olha, olha só – look, here is the thing

Por isso, assim – so

Assim – like this / that / this way

ué? – what? just a minute!

Ah não – oh no

Hein? – hum!, hem, huh, ha, eh

Pô – damn

Aqui ó – here it is

Ai meu deus – oh my god

Pera aí – hold on

Quer dizer.. – I mean..

Cara, meu = dude, man, bro


Education Field Vocabulary


aulas = lessons

aluno/a = student

lição de casa / dever de casa / para casa = homework

exercício / atividade = exercise / activity

marcar uma aula = schedule a lesson

marcar um horário = schedule a time

remarcar = reschedule

adiar = postpone

cancelar = cancel

atrasar – to be late

Estou atrasado – I’m late

Vou me atrasar – I’m going to be late

começar a aula – start lesson

terminar a aula – finish lesson

corrigir a lição / o dever – correct homework

correção = correction

corrigido = corrected

certo / correto = right / correct

errado = wrong

enviar / mandar por e-mail = send th email

perguntas – questions

respostas – answers

perguntar – ask a question

responder – answer a question


No Skype – On Skype


No início da aula – In the beginning of lesson

Oi! Hi!

Pronto/a? = Ready?

Tá aí? Está aí? = Are you there?

Sim, estou aqui. = Yes, I’m here.

Tudo bem / bom? = How are you?

E aí? = What’s up?

Beleza? = All good?

Como vão as coisas? = How are things?

Um momento por favor = A moment please

Claro = sure

Sem problemas = no problem

Estou pronto/a! = I’m ready!

Podemos começar? = May we start?

Posso te ligar? = May I call you?

Vou ligar = I will call

Vamos lá! = Let´s do it!


Lesson begins then I decide to share screen so student can see my screen


Vou compartilhar minha tela – I´ll share my screen

Vou colocar / pôr você na minha tela, tá? – I´ll put you on my screen, ok?

Você vê a minha tela? – Do you see my screen?

Você está na minha tela? – Are you on my screen?

Ótimo! – Great!

Aumentar / ampliar – zoom in

Diminuir / reduzir – zoom out

Tamanho – Size

Agora, leia para mim por favor – Now, read to me please

repita / repete – repeat after me

Alguma dúvida? – Any doubts?

Alguma pergunta? – Any questions?

Bom / Ótimo trabalho! – Good / great job! work!

Então até a próxima aula – Then I see you next class

Qualquer dúvida pode me escrever – you can write me if you have any questions