Combo 1 – Video Course + 10h Skype Lessons

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Who is this Course for?

The Course P2 is ideal for beginners who want to learn Portuguese faster with the main focus on speaking from the first moment. The students must be English speakers as the approach of this method in this first moment (BASIC) is used from the English-Portuguese language perspective. The reason is to facilitate any grammar explanations necessary, so the student can progress through shortcuts for the acquisition of the second language. Our teachers are aware of the cultural-linguistic equivalences and differences between at least two languages (pt/en).

Complete Course Syllabus and Details here

Combo 1

  • 20 lessons (video + material included)
  • 4 reviews / assessments / certificate
  • Quizzes
  • 10hs Skype lessons

Total Price: U$380.00

There are other forms of payment (installments)

Product Description

Combo: Exclusive speech-focused (Audio-lingual) video lessons followed by live practice with your teacher on Skype. Real fast progress!


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