Start speaking in 4 Lessons...


Speech-focused video lessons followed by: live lessons, audio drills, dictation,
writing activities, and customized corrections.


➡ Learn how to speak Brazilian Portuguese faster with this 5-Step Program.
➡ Speak from your very first lesson in this 7-Day immersion course.
Guided by a real expert native teacher.
➡ Receive your customized homework corrections.
➡ In the end you will have the option to unlock the full course if you like it.

Enroll now, so we can have this wonderful week speaking together.
 Real speaking, Real results.

You are 100% free to try this course. Immediate access.  Start speaking with a real approved method. Learn how you can finally have a real connection with the language and the country. 


You're going to follow the 5-Step Program to speak faster and efficiently. It works for all students and it's used by the best experts in second language acquisition.

Attention: All detailed instructions for each lesson are provided on the platform. You're guided in each step of the way.


  • Support via WhatsApp,  email and student area – contact me for questions – receive constant feedback
  • EBook – Free links and Tools to Study Portuguese
  • Pronunciation practice through extra assignments via WhatsApp
  • Live classes last one hour


★ 2 Video training lessons (prepare to speak live)
★ 2 Live lessons - Real Live Practice where YOU SPEAK
★ Video Activity, Audio Dictation, Quiz (hands on)
★ Fill out Assignment + customized corrections - I personally check your progress


I will be sending out an email to inform you of schedule reflecting different day/time options. Don’t worry, your LIVE PRACTICE is guaranteed.


➤ Beginners of any nationality who want to learn how to speak Portuguese with a real speaking training program 

➤ Who wants to learn and practice pronunciation from an expert trilingual native teacher

➤ Who wants to practice with a student-centred learning method: you’re the star, not the teacher

➤ Who needs a modern, easy and intuitive platform which is guided by your teacher

➤ Who needs a real teacher, who will correct your homework: writing, listening, dictation and questions

➤ Who wants to learn how to listen and understand when Brazilians speak fast or in a natural way

By the end of the week you will be able to…

  • pronounce almost every word in Brazilian Portuguese;
  • speak about 80 to 100 useful sentences – vocabulary you won’t forget;

  • manage the use of present basic conjugation to get around and speak with Brazilians;

  • build confidence when speaking and get your tongue around hard sounds;

  • pronounce, read, write, listen and transcribe everything you learn;
  • develop language competence: accuracy, intonation patterns, stress, chunks;

  • Improve memory, focus and neurolinguistic skills;

  • understand Brazilians much better and notice their regionalism;


All inclusive in the trial

  • Assignments, downloadable material,  platform access, audios, videos, live class, personalized corrections, WhatsApp bonus + E-book with great links to study at home.
  •  Top work on native pronunciation to connect with Brazilians.
  • All in a FUN and DYNAMIC way 

Pronunciation is the first thing you need to master  when learning a new language.

Let me walk you through this great journey, I love seeing my students speak. You’re going to speak as well. 

It’s all about the right approach, designed with truth, expertise and AMOR (love) by a real Brazilian.

Carmen Moura

Carmen is a tri-lingual professional teacher of Portuguese for Foreigners, a qualified communicator who is also graduated in Public Relations in Rio de Janeiro. She is a qualified communicator who holds many certificates, and a Post-graduation in Teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE). She has plenty of experience in the international and enterprise environments as well as in the communication field.

She has taught for courses that require high-performance teacher’s training and has her own Portuguese project, ‘Hello Portuguese’ school. She has traveled abroad and lived in the U.S. where she attended an American university, which gave her great cultural flexibility. Over the years, her passion for helping people speak, plus her knowledge and experience learning languages led her to specialize in the area of Portuguese for Foreigners. She has helped more than 800 students to learn Portuguese.

“I customize my students experience according to their main goals and I have many success cases. I love what I do <3. I created this course because I want to reach more students in a less complex, easy to follow, and more affordable way.”

She has created a very successful method, in which she works with the Communicative Approach, Audio-lingual along with modern technologies. Her Intercultural Approach to learning and teaching has been a highlight in the progress of her students.

In her own words..

“Building a bridge so you can make your way into the Brazilian culture, find out a new world & live unforgettable experiences.”

See you in class!

Your teacher,

Prof.ª Carmen Moura

Meet some of our students

✪ Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I have to attend the live sessions?

No! You can also take this week training at your own pace. The teacher offers live practice in group so you know how it works in case you take the course + live sessions combo.

2. Can I take this course solo? 

YES! This course can be taken in different ways. That’s why I offer a free sample. You will see that even doing it alone, you will have real and productive practice and learn a lot! All students are invited to participate in class with video and audio. 

3. What is the schedule of live classes?

You’ll meet your teacher and classmates via web. You’ll be informed about days/time through the platform, email and WhatsApp. 

4. What if I wish to continue the course and do more lessons?

You’ll be guided and informed about the following steps in case you wish to take a longer and complete course. 

Portuguese week
Speech-focused practice

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