Speak Brazilian Portuguese
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Speech-focused video lessons followed by audio drills, dictation,  writing activities and customized corrections. Hands on! 

2 month course

Real speaking, Real results

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The most effective way to speak a new language is to practice out loud. You need to decode the combination of sounds and letters. The good news is that there are shortcuts made by experts who have studied very hard to help you.

For the basic 1 level – 2 months minimum or at your own pace 

I do care and love seeing my students results <3

That's what inspired me to create

The Speak Brazilian Portuguese Course for Beginners.

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To provide students with linguistic and communication forms for conversation with Brazilians where they will learn to speak and listen in a more natural way. By using strategic structures students will learn to express themselves colloquially as it’s generally used by Brazilians. They will learn how to use daily life essential verbs; so they can ask for what they want, tell what they need and express their wishes. The aim is to equip students with the basic skills to interact with Brazilians more effectively. They create basic linguistic competencies for an interaction with meaning, practical and functional purposes for speaking, understanding, reading, and writing.

"Its a great practice for many levels."

"Many useful sentences and rules that even intermediate to advanced students find out they didn't know before."

Your enrollment includes:

  • 1 interactive live lesson a week – practice your Portuguese live with a Brazilian teacher and other students once a week
  • Homework customized correction for every lesson
  • Downloadable material
  • You can finish the course in 2 months or at your own pace
  • Access to the course for 1 year 


  • Support via WhatsApp,  Email and Student area – contact with the teacher, ask questions at anytime and receive constant feedback on your pronunciation through extra assignments via WhatsApp.


Brief Content – Vocabulary – Competences:

Carmen Moura

Carmen is a trilingual professional teacher of Portuguese to Foreigners, a qualified communicator who has also graduated in Public Relations in Rio de Janeiro. She has plenty of experience in the international and enterprise environments as well as in the communication field.

She has taught courses that required high-performance teacher’s training and has her own Portuguese project, ‘Hello Portuguese’ school. She has travelled abroad and lived in the U.S. where she attended an American university, which gave her great cultural flexibility. Over the years, her passion for helping people speak, plus her knowledge and experience learning languages led her to specialize in the area of Portuguese for Foreigners. She has helped more than 1.000 students to learn Portuguese.

“I am an experienced professional teacher and communicator. I am a native of Brazil with a wide breadth of experience and passion for the Brazilian, American and other cultures and their languages.

My work consists of teaching, producing, guiding and coaching students from around the globe with Brazilian Portuguese. I help them in all aspects of breaking the language barriers. I work with all language skills and methods, I’m very up to date with the Post method Strategy framework. My main speciality is making students speak and communicate well in Portuguese. I work directly on their speech and its construction through the Communicative Approach, Audio-lingual along with modern technologies. I customize my students experience according to their main goals and I have many success cases. I love what I do <3  

This Brazilian loves dancing, pets and travelling! You can check the rest of my page for more information.

I created this course because I want to reach more students in a less complex, easy to follow, and more affordable way.”

See you in class!

Your teacher,



The base is a mixture of audio-lingual key features and the communicative approach. However, today’s teachers must count on the post method era along the way and as an extension. As the student makes progress we are up to date with the worldwide linguistic advances approved by the best expert linguists. They’ve got the English and the Portuguese perspective while teaching what gives them a proper sense for teaching foreigners. While explaining to a student they are aware of the cultural-linguistic equivalences and differences between at least two languages (pt/en). This makes a great difference in terms of quality and speed in second language acquisition.

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